Disposable Examination Glove


Our Company is a professional Disposable Examination Gloves supplier and manufacturer.

Examination gloves: Disposable examination gloves made of soft latex o vinyl, powder-free or powdered; highly elastic and tear-resistant; texturing of the finger area ensures optimum grip; due to double-chlorination excellent donning, fit and high tactile sensitivity; can be worn left or right..

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Product: Disposable examination gloves;

Material: Latex,vinyl;

Color: White,purple,blue and other colors;

Size: S/M/L/XL;

Usage: Single-use Protect Hands;

Certificate: CE,ISO,FDA etc.;

Properties: Medical Materials and Accessories.


Good toughness

Wear resistance

High elastic



No-toxic,harmless and odourless

Environment-friendly materials

Solid and durable


As a hard-wearing disposable medical glove for single use in all areas where staff are at particular risk of contamination and need high touch sensitivity and a good fit.

The industry of medicine

Food Industry


Hairdressing and Beauty