Blade Type Diamond Dressers


Our company Produces Blade Type diamond dressers in Grit Type and Needle Type Diamonds. Blade type diamond dressers can be a combination of single point diamond dressers and multipoint diamond dressers. It is used in straight dressing and profile dressing.
Importance of Thickness (T) Of Plate:
The bigger the volume to be removed the bigger is the Blade dressers T (in mm) should be chosen.

Needle Type Blade Dresser (NBD)

In this Blade Type Diamond Dressers, Needle shaped diamonds are carefully selected and set manually in an appropriate pattern in several layer’s. It is equipped with high quality of Diamond Needles and set in proper scheme. Use for larger window and longer dressing.

Grit Type Blade Dresser (GBD)
In this Blade Type Diamond Dressers, Grit type block diamonds are set according in proper scheme. It’s a manual Process of setting the diamonds. This blade is made for extremely long service life and used in a high precision dressing application.

Blade Type Dresser with MCD and CVD Diamonds
As MCD And CVD diamonds are manmade diamonds, JPT produces the same as per the customer enquiry and specifications.

bullet.gif There must be a perfect fit between the holder of the diamond dressing tool and the dressing
device. Otherwise Dimensionally stable dressing with a true profile is not possible.
bullet.gif Cooling improves the dressing results considerably and is mandatory for exacting dressing requirements.
A strong and continuous flow of cooling medium must be fed to the contact zone prior to the begining
of the dressing process.
bullet.gif Dressing is performed at a normal or reduced grinding wheel speed.
bullet.gif Infeed increments of up to 0.03 mm per dressing operation are possible.