Carbide inserts SANDVIK 360R/360L



Our company can help you with the following types

360L-1906M-MH 2040
360L-1906M-PH 4230
360L-2807M-KH 3040
360L-2807M-MH 2040
360R-19 06M-KH 3040
360R-19 06M-KH 3330
360R-19 06M-MH 2030
360R-19 06M-MH 2040
360R-19 06M-PH 4220
360R-19 06M-PH 4230
360R-19 06M-PH 4240
360R-28 07M-KH 3040
360R-28 07M-KH 3330
360R-28 07M-MH 2040
360R-28 07M-PH 4230
360R-28 07M-PH 4240


Technical details are available on request.


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