Electric Motors MOLL-MOTOR 100LB-8, 1,1 KW, 1,5 HP, 700 ROT/MIN



We offer the greatest flexibility in terms of price and delivery time with our own brand, the Y-motors from the MOLL-MOTOR brand. These are manufactured on our behalf in factories of global manufacturers and delivered to us in container ships. The majority has been produced in the same factory for 15 years, which we visit annually with a delegation when we are free to travel. This close contact enables us to ensure the necessary quality. Our mechatronics engineers have a long experience with the product, so we can modify Y-motors in a variety of ways in our workshop to meet customers’ needs. These motors are particularly popular with mechanical engineering companies, for whom we sometimes have a year’s supply in our warehouse, or we prefabricate entire assemblies and deliver them just-in-time.

Standard three-phase motors of these different product lines are ready for delivery every day. With our large stock we cover a power range between 0.06kW and 355kW, and speeds from 750rpm to 3000rpm. By using frequency converters in the motor control, the motors can be infinitely speed-controlled. This is associated with a large energy saving potential, for example in the case of turbomachines.