Electrohydraulic Thrusters EMG ELHY EB 50/50


Electrohydraulic Thruster ELHY


Function principle

The ELHY devices are available in three different series, all of which exhibit the same functional principle, the same internal design and the same external shape.

The motor housing accommodates the stator of the drive motor, which is designed as a three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motor. The motor runs in the operating fluid.

The electrical connection is established via the terminal box, which tightly seals the motor housing. The cast feet on the motor housing are used to secure the ELHY device in place. The impeller of the pump is attached to the motor shaft.

The guide cylinder with the axially movable piston is located above the impeller. The interior of the device is filled with hydraulic fluid up to the level of the filler hole.

Technical details are available on request.



In addition to a wide range of applications in the mechanical engineering industry, materials lifting and handling can be considered as the main uses of industrial brakes offered on the market.Drive and brake problems can be solved using a drum brake or a shoe brake which is still quite common or by using industrial type disk brakes.
As the requirements with respect to driv-ing power, controllability and availability have clearly increased, advanced electrical engineering and electronics have become ever more important catering for the-se demands. Although most components of modern systems are electrical and electronic, the mechanical safety brake, with the electrohydraulic ELHY brake thruster, still has the most important role to play: as the last link in the chain, it ensures safety for man and machine in the event of power failure