Electromagnetic Brakes BINDER 76 13113A00


Our company can help you with the following types


76 13105C00
76 13111C00
76 13106H00
76 13113A00

About the Compact / Slim Line

The Compact / Slim Line is comprised of spring-applied single-disc brakes where the spring actuated brake-discs are attached to the shaft. The brake disc can be designed as a motor fan. Being designed as single surface brakes, Compact / Slim Line brakes are not only extremely flat but are also released with zero residual torque. Electromagnetically operated spring-applied brakes generate the brake torque when voltage is removed.


76 13105C00
torque 0.25 Nm, (0.5 Nm; 50% ED)
DC, single-phase AC

76 13111C00
torque 3 Nm
high or low version fan

76 13106H00
torque 1 Nm
DC direct current / AC alternating current

76 13113A00
torque 8 Nm
DC direct current
Other torques on request


Machine tools, e.g. woodworking machinery
Flat motors
Building installations
Saws, e.g. circular saws

Data sheets – General information

The Operating Instructions must be strictly observed during the set-up of the machine (e.g. motor) and during the start-up, operation and maintenance of the brakes. The state-of-the-art brakes have been designed, built and tested in accordance with the requirements of DIN VDE 0580 concerning electromagnetic devices and components. Additional information on technical specifications given in the data sheets is included in the operating instructions.