Electromagnetic Brakes BINDER 77 600..A15


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77 60010A15
77 60011A15
77 60013A15
77 60016A15
77 60019A15
77 60024A15

About the Classic Line

The Classic Line is comprised of DC operated spring-applied single-disc and multiple-disc brakes whose sturdy design and variable connection features make it ideally suited for the most demanding applications. Electromagnetic spring-applied brakes generate the braking torque when voltage is removed and the electromagnetic force is neutralised.


77 600..A00
torque range 4 – 240 Nm
adjustable torque
single-disc brake (service brake)

77 600..A15
torque range 7.5 – 360 Nm
adjustable torque
single-disc brake (holding brake)

77 100..A00
torque range 17 – 800 Nm
adjustable torque
multiple-disc brake
built-in bracing springs for vertical operation


DC motors
Handling technology
Lifting and materials handling technology
Crane construction
Paper-making and printing machines

Upon request, the brake can be supplied with variable connection features (e.g. flying leads, connecting terminal or connection box with built-in rectifier).

The Operating Instructions must be strictly observed during the set-up of the machine (e.g. motor) and during the start-up, operation and maintenance of the brakes. The state-of-the-art brakes have been designed, built and tested in accordance with the requirements of DIN VDE 0580 concerning electromagnetic devices and components. Additional information on technical specifications given in the data sheets is included in the operating instructions.