Electromagnetic Brakes BINDER 86 121..E00


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86 12104E00
86 12106E00
86 12107E00
86 12109E00
86 12111E00
86 12114E00

About the active brake line

The Active Brake Line is comprised of DC operated single-disc brakes where the dynamic effect of an electromagnetic field is used to generate the braking effect (electromagnetically engaged brakes). Active Brake Line products ensure a reliable brake release with zero residual torque in any mounting position and zero backlash during torque transmission. These brakes require little maintenance throughout their entire service span.


86 111..E00
torque range 1 – 150 Nm
front mounting

86 121..E00
torque range 1 – 150 Nm
flange mounting


Automotive technology
Equipment manufacturing industry
Handling technology
Building installations
Medical technology
Packaging machinery

Upon request, the brake can be supplied with variable armature systems (shaft coupling).

Data sheets – General information
The Operating Instructions must be strictly observed during the set-up of the machine (e.g. motor) and during the start-up, operation and maintenance of the brakes. The state-of-the-art brakes have been designed, built and tested in accordance with the requirements of DIN VDE 0580 concerning electromagnetic devices and components. Additional information on technical specifications given in the data sheets is included in the operating instructions.