Electromagnetic Clutch HEID FOV 2,5


Our company offers Electromagnetic Clutches HEID FOV

Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 1,2
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 2,5
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 5
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 10
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 20
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 40
Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Clutch HEID FOV 80

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To be a professional supplier for machine tool’s owners and operators
To contribute in saving time and money by offering you the best products at the lowest price
To guarantee years of failure-free machine tool’s operation thanks to the highest quality products

Our company offers clutches and brakes for most types and brands of Polish, German, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, and Czech machine tools and other world’s producers such as:
Avia, Andrychow, Chofum, Famot, FAT, Wafum, Ponar Tarnow, Polamco, Poreba, Rafamet Sacem, ZMT Tarnow, AFM Defum, HCP Cegielski, Jotes, Mechanicy Pruszkow, Jafo Jarocin, TOS, SkodaTitan International, TornosUnitech, Union, ZMM Sliven, Cugir, Csepel, CKD Blansko, MAS, Kolomna, Stanko, Stankoimport, Ryzan, Sedin, Strojimport, Deckel, Fritz Werner, Heckert, Heid, Heckert, Heyligenstaedt, Hegenscheid, Huron, Waldrich Coburg, Waldrich Siegen, Weiler, Weipert, Wohlenberg, Wotan, WMW, Vöest, VDF Boehringer, Scharmann, Schiess, Schiess Froriep, Acme Gridley, Asquith, Blanchard, Collet & Engelhard, Cerruti, Churchill, Cincinnati, Clovis, Colchester, Correa, Donini, Dörries, Drop & Rein, Favretto, Froriep, Fellows, Gildemeister, Gidding & Lewis, WMW Kearns Richards, Lorenz, Liebherr, Maho, Mattison, Niles, Oerlikon, Pittler, Pfauter, Safop, Saro, Umaro

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