Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch HEID FOZ


Our company can help you with the following types
FOZ 10
FOZ 20
FOZ 40
FOZ 80
FOZ 160
FOZ 315
FOZ 630

Clutch with driver plate to be attached to the free wheeling gear

For oil and dry operation, coil voltage 24 V DC

  • With point shaped backlash-free tooth profile.
  • With face toothed armature plate guided on splined clutch hub.
  • Version 1 – tooth angle 55° for disengagement under torque load.
  • Version 2 – tooth angle 35° for higher torque transmission, if disengagement without torque load takes place.
  • Applicable for horizontal and vertical mounting.

Tooth mesh is effected after switching off the clutch coil at standstill. With the coil switched off, the clutch remains mechanically closed by the force off the pressure springs.

Advantage is given by torque transmission independent of power supply. With the coil switched on, the armature plate is kept in mechanically released position by the magnetic force and a complete disconnection of the drive system is given