Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch HEID FZV


Our company can help you with the following types
FZV 16
FZV 32
FZV 63
FZV 125
FZV 250
FZV 500
FZV 1000
FZV 2000
FZV 5000

Clutch with driver plate to be attached to the free wheeling gear part.

For oil and dry operation, coil voltage 24 V DC

  • With point shaped backlash-free tooth profile.
  • Actuated face toothed clutch body guided on splined clutch hub.
  • Version 1 – tooth angle 55° for disengagement under torque load.
  • Version 2 – tooth angle 35° for higher torque transmission, if disengagement without torque load takes place.
  • Vertical mounting, only when ordered with application guidelines.

Engagement of tooth clutches is made at standstill or synchronous speed. Advantage is given by the possible transmission of high torques in relation to the clutch sizes and a complete disconnection of the drive transmission, what gives possible use in high speed applications.

In modified design the clutch can be supplied with a proximity switch to indicate the clutch position and / or with indexing pins for single or multiple position engagement.