Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Introduction:

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts for surface applications are utilized for conveying coal in places such as thermal power plants and open cast coal mines for safety reasons. As these are anti-static, these conform to defined international standards and are thus safe to be used in any of the classified surroundings.


Characteristics of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt:

  1. Capability to deliver superior performance under extreme temperatures;
  2. Flame-resistant finish;
  3. High abrasion resistance;
  4. Superior tensile strength;
  5. Resistant to high heat & wear.

Application of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt:

Fire resistant conveyor belt (flame resistant conveyor best) is suitable for transporting non-corrosive, not sharp, lump, granular, powdery materials in flammable and explosive environment on the ground. It applies to power plant, coal mine, chemical industries, coal washing/coal cleaning plants, fertilizer plants.

Specification of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt:

GRADE Tensile Strength (Mpa) Abrasion (mm) Elongation (%) Resistance (Ω) Descriptions
K1 20 150 400 3.0×10⁸ Cover rubber 6 samples flame duration for a total of 45 seconds. A single sample flame no more than 15 seconds.
K2 15 200
K3 15 200 Cover rubber 3 samples flame duration for a total of 60 seconds.

Table of Structure and Performance:

Structure and Performance Domestic Conventional Solid Woven Belts International Conventional Solid Woven Belts SWR Solid Woven Fire Resistance Belts
Cover PVC/PVG+Rubber PVC/PVG+Rubber High Polymer+Rubber
Abrasion (mm³) 200 200 150
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 15 15 20
Elongation (%) 350 350 400
Cover Thickness (mm) 5+3 4+2 12
Troughability Fair Good Excellent
Pulley Diameter Big Medium Small
Production Process Carcass PVC Plasticizer Carcass PVC Plasticizer High Polymer & Namo-Bonding System
Life 1 Year 1.5 Year 5 Years