Frequency Inverter Schneider ALTIVAR ATV71 1.5 KW


Schneider Electric Altivar 71 is series of heavy duty drives for speed control of asynchronous motors  (3 phases). Power range of motors is 0,37 … 630 kW.

ATV71 is designed for simple production mechanisms in different fields of industry.  The series of Altivar 71 frequency inverters meets the all exacting requirements of use due to the various laws of motor control and plentiful functional possibilities. They are adapted for solving the most complex problems of electric drive:

  • improved accuracy during work on very low speed;
  • perfected dynamic characteristics with vector control flow algorithms (CVF) in open-loop or closed-loop drive system;
  • extended the output frequency range for engines with high speed;
  • precision of maintenance of speed and energy-savings for open drive with synchronous motor;
  • smooth, unstressed control of unbalanced mechanisms by the power adaptation system (ENA);
  • parallel connection of motors and special drives with using of scalar control law.

Another benefits of Altivar 71 Telemecanique:

  • can work with three types of network power: 200-240 V/ 380-690 V (3-phase) and 200-240 V (single-phase);
  • built-in protocols Modbus and CANopen;
  • functionality of converters can be increased with additional expansion cards of I/O,  communication cards and interface cards of feedback sensor;
  • integrated EMC filter (A class).

The frequency inverter ATV 71 connections is the security chain of the production settings. It possesses the protective function of blocking, eliminating the unauthorized starting of engine.

The whole series ATV71 VFD meets the international standards of EN and has all necessary certificates.

The versatility of converters increases the efficiency and flexibility of the use in numerous applications. Such as:

  • handling equipment;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • filling and packaging equipment;
  • textile and woodworking machines;
  • technological equipment;
  • elevators and other.