Imprignated Grit Type Diamond Dressers


Imprignated Diamond Dresses contain diamond grits holding in sintered bond. In this dresser the crushed diamond grit in both Natural & Synthetic grades are set in a several layers in random pattern. With this type of tool, the dressing work is carried out by several small diamonds which together result in excellent performance. To achieve good results, the diamond particles must have at least double the grinding wheel grain to be dressed. Tools with higher diamond content are more efficient in these case. These tools are most suitable for fine and sensitive grinding wheels where a lower surface finish is required.

Range of Application:
Dressing of resin, vitreous and rubber bond fine grit grinding wheels.
Dressing of boron carbide grinding wheels.
Dressing of simple profile threaded and V – profile grinding wheel.
Dressing operations on centerless, cylindrical and surface grinding machines.

Advantages of Imprignated tool:
Reduced Dressing Timing.
The tool is completely used upto final grain particle.
Setting times can be reduced.
Less initial cost for dressing.