PA6 Polyamide Round Bars Ø160 X 1000 MM


Product Full Identity (Natural):

Cast Polyamide 6

Cast Nylon 6 has improved characteristics over the extruded alternative. Offering higher strength, stiffness, hardness and an improved operating temperature of 0°C to +90°C. Cast Nylon 6 range of materials are food compliant.


  • Not as stressed as ext nylon
  • Better than ext nylons when machining
  • Similar characteristics to ext nylon 6.6
  • Good creep and wear resistance
  • High strength
  • Available in larger sizes


  • Large gears
  • Bearings
  • Bushes
  • Gear racks
  • Crane sheaves
  • Boom pads

Product Information

Product Full Identity (Black):

Cast Polyamide 6

Cast Nylon 6 MoS2 (molybdenum disulphide) with added lubricant offers improved wear and bearing characteristics’


  • Enhanced bearing and wear behavior
  • Good impact and fatigue resistance
  • Self lubricating
  • Low maintenance


  • Crane Sheaves
  • Chain Guides
  • Bearings
  • Boom pads
  • Rail wheels
  • Gears


What is Nylon 6 Rod?

Nylon 6 Rod is definitely our most popular engineering plastic; it has been around for years and has been given many different trade names over the years by various companies. It has become a plastic that because of it’s versatility is specified, it seems, for just about everything.

There are essentially two manufacturing processes for Nylon 6 Rod, extruded and cast. As the names suggests, extruded is manufactured by heating the polymer and forcing it through a circular die. Whereas cast Nylon 6 Rod is produced by melting the polymer and pouring into metal tubes that are capped at one end open at the top.

What are the different colours and grades of Nylon 6 Rod?
The majority of Nylon 6 Rod is manufactured in black or natural colours. The black not only looks better in industrial environments but often contains an additive called Molybdenumdisylphide. (MOS2) This is a graphite type self lubricant that helps black Nylon 6 Rod last longer in wear or abrasive conditions.
Diameter Length
6mm 100mm
6mm 250mm
6mm 500mm
6mm 1000mm
6mm 1500mm
6mm 3000mm
8mm 100mm
8mm 250mm
8mm 500mm
8mm 1000mm
8mm 1500mm
8mm 3000mm
10mm 100mm
10mm 250mm
10mm 500mm
10mm 1000mm
10mm 1500mm
10mm 3000mm
12mm 100mm
12mm 250mm
12mm 500mm
12mm 1000mm
12mm 1500mm
12mm 3000mm
14mm 100mm
14mm 250mm
14mm 500mm
14mm 1000mm
14mm 1500mm
14mm 3000mm
16mm 100mm
16mm 250mm
16mm 500mm
16mm 1000mm
16mm 1500mm
16mm 3000mm
18mm 100mm
18mm 250mm
18mm 500mm
18mm 1000mm
18mm 1500mm
18mm 3000mm
20mm 100mm
20mm 250mm
20mm 500mm
20mm 1000mm
20mm 1500mm
20mm 3000mm
25mm 100mm
25mm 250mm
25mm 500mm
25mm 1000mm
25mm 1500mm
25mm 3000mm
28mm 100mm
28mm 250mm
28mm 500mm
28mm 1000mm
28mm 1500mm
28mm 3000mm
30mm 100mm
30mm 250mm
30mm 500mm
30mm 1000mm
30mm 1500mm
30mm 3000mm
32mm 100mm
32mm 250mm
32mm 500mm
32mm 1000mm
32mm 1500mm
32mm 3000mm
36mm 100mm
36mm 250mm
36mm 500mm
36mm 1000mm
36mm 1500mm
36mm 3000mm
40mm 100mm
40mm 250mm
40mm 500mm
40mm 1000mm
40mm 1500mm
40mm 3000mm
45mm 100mm
45mm 250mm
45mm 500mm
45mm 1000mm
45mm 1500mm
45mm 3000mm
50mm 100mm
50mm 250mm
50mm 500mm
50mm 1000mm
50mm 1500mm
50mm 3000mm
56mm 100mm
56mm 250mm
56mm 500mm
56mm 1000mm
56mm 1500mm
56mm 3000mm
60mm 100mm
60mm 250mm
60mm 500mm
60mm 1000mm
60mm 1500mm
60mm 3000mm
65mm 100mm
65mm 250mm
65mm 500mm
65mm 1000mm
65mm 1500mm
65mm 3000mm
70mm 100mm
70mm 250mm
70mm 500mm
70mm 1000mm
70mm 1500mm
70mm 3000mm
75mm 100mm
75mm 250mm
75mm 500mm
75mm 1000mm
75mm 1500mm
75mm 3000mm
80mm 100mm
80mm 250mm
80mm 500mm
80mm 1000mm
80mm 1500mm
80mm 3000mm
90mm 100mm
90mm 250mm
90mm 500mm
90mm 1000mm
90mm 1500mm
90mm 3000mm
100mm 100mm
100mm 250mm
100mm 500mm
100mm 1000mm
100mm 1500mm
100mm 3000mm
110mm 100mm
110mm 250mm
110mm 500mm
110mm 1000mm
110mm 1500mm
110mm 3000mm
120mm 100mm
120mm 250mm
120mm 500mm
120mm 1000mm
120mm 1500mm
120mm 3000mm
130mm 100mm
130mm 250mm
130mm 500mm
130mm 1000mm
130mm 1500mm
130mm 3000mm
140mm 100mm
140mm 250mm
140mm 500mm
140mm 1000mm
140mm 1500mm
140mm 3000mm
150mm 100mm
150mm 250mm
150mm 500mm
150mm 1000mm
150mm 1500mm
150mm 3000mm
160mm 100mm
160mm 250mm
160mm 500mm
160mm 1000mm
160mm 1500mm
160mm 3000mm
180mm 100mm
180mm 250mm
180mm 500mm
180mm 1000mm
180mm 1500mm
180mm 3000mm
200mm 100mm
200mm 250mm
200mm 500mm
200mm 1000mm
200mm 1500mm
200mm 3000mm
230mm 100mm
230mm 250mm
230mm 500mm
230mm 1000mm
230mm 1500mm
230mm 3000mm
250mm 100mm
250mm 250mm
250mm 500mm
250mm 1000mm
250mm 1500mm
250mm 3000mm
280mm 100mm
280mm 250mm
280mm 500mm
280mm 1000mm
280mm 1500mm
280mm 3000mm
300mm 100mm
300mm 250mm
300mm 500mm
300mm 1000mm
300mm 1500mm
300mm 3000mm