Permanent magnet Brakes BINDER 86 611..H00


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86 61106H00
86 61107H00
86 61109H00
86 61111H00
86 61114H00
86 61116H00


About Permanent Magnet Brakes

Permanent magnet brakes excel in particular by their compact dimensions and their comparatively low weight. Due to the high power density of the permanent magnets the torque that can be achieved at a given installation space is twice as high as with common spring-applied brakes.

Furthermore, due to their design principle permanent magnet brakes are free of backlash and wear. Permanent magnet brakes are thus ideally suited for applications in medical engineering and servomotor applications, e.g. in handling technology and robotics.

Model Types

86 611..H00; 14.120.xx.2xx
Torque range from 0.01 to 120 Nm
DC direct current
Face mounting
Single-disc brake

86 621..H00; 14.120.xx.1xx
Torque range from 0.01 to 120 Nm
DC direct current
Flange mounting
Single-disc brake


Packaging machines
Conveyor technology
Handling technology
Optics and medical engineering

Technical specifications

Model types: 86 611..H00 – face mounting 14.120.xx.2xx
Standard rated voltage: 24 VDC, 205 VDC
Protection class: IP 00
Thermal class: F (B for 14.120.xx.2xx)
Nominal torques: 0.01 to 120 Nm
Options: Organic friction pad
Note: Please observe the general information on data sheets and the respective operating manuals. Design subject to change.