PTFE Teflon Round Bars Ø90 X 1000 MM


Product Full Identity:



  • Melting point: 327°C
  • Shore hardness: Shore D
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.20 J(g*K)


What are the advantages of PTFE Rod?
Coefficient of friction is incredibly low.
Maximum working temperature of +260°C (+300°C for short periods)
Minimum working temperature -260°C
Outstanding electrical insulation properties
Minimal moisture absorption
Highly Chemical & Acid resistant.
Highly UV resistant
PTFE is one of the most thermally stable plastic materials.
Food approved & non toxic
PTFE rod offers high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation, and “slipperiness”
Diameter Length
4mm 250mm
4mm 500mm
4mm 1000mm
4mm 2000mm
5mm 250mm
5mm 500mm
5mm 1000mm
5mm 2000mm
6mm 250mm
6mm 500mm
6mm 1000mm
6mm 2000mm
8mm 250mm
8mm 500mm
8mm 1000mm
8mm 2000mm
10mm 250mm
10mm 500mm
10mm 1000mm
10mm 2000mm
12mm 250mm
12mm 500mm
12mm 1000mm
12mm 2000mm
15mm 250mm
15mm 500mm
15mm 1000mm
15mm 2000mm
20mm 250mm
20mm 500mm
20mm 1000mm
20mm 2000mm
22mm 250mm
22mm 500mm
22mm 1000mm
22mm 2000mm
25mm 250mm
25mm 500mm
25mm 1000mm
25mm 2000mm
30mm 250mm
30mm 500mm
30mm 1000mm
30mm 2000mm
35mm 250mm
35mm 500mm
35mm 1000mm
35mm 2000mm
40mm 250mm
40mm 500mm
40mm 1000mm
40mm 2000mm
45mm 250mm
45mm 500mm
45mm 1000mm
45mm 2000mm
50mm 250mm
50mm 500mm
50mm 1000mm
50mm 2000mm
55mm 250mm
55mm 500mm
55mm 1000mm
55mm 2000mm
60mm 250mm
60mm 500mm
60mm 1000mm
60mm 2000mm
65mm 250mm
65mm 500mm
65mm 1000mm
65mm 2000mm
70mm 250mm
70mm 500mm
70mm 1000mm
70mm 2000mm
75mm 250mm
75mm 500mm
75mm 1000mm
75mm 2000mm
80mm 250mm
80mm 500mm
80mm 1000mm
80mm 2000mm
90mm 250mm
90mm 500mm
90mm 1000mm
90mm 2000mm
100mm 250mm
100mm 500mm
100mm 1000mm
100mm 2000mm
110mm 250mm
110mm 500mm
110mm 1000mm
110mm 2000mm
120mm 250mm
120mm 500mm
120mm 1000mm
120mm 2000mm
PTFE rod is available in white (natural) and in diameters ranging from 4mm up to 120mm. Larger sizes are available by contacting our sales team