Rail Clips


Main Function

Rail Clip is used to fasten the steels rails to the sleeper,and provide the clamp force to the steel rail.


Variety types of Vossloh SKL Clip, Pandrol E Clip, Pandrol PR Clips, Nabla Clip, Fast clip, Deenik Clip, KPO Clamp, Gauge lock clip, Rail Clamp etc.

Surface Treatment

Color Painting, Plain oiled, Black Oxide, etc


60Si2Mn or 60Si2Cr
Types Photos Clips specifications Diamater Material

SKL Clips

SKL12 Clip for Europe;
SKL14 Clip all over the world;
SKL21 Clip for South America &Africa.
SKL30 Clip for CIS;
Others like SKL1, SKL3, SKL15, etc.
φ13-φ15 60Si2CrA


Pandrol E Clips

E1809 Clip for Philipines&Sri Lanka & Thailand;
E2052 Clip for Indonesia;
E1804 Clip for Myanmmar;
E2055 Clip for USA & South America.
III type Clip (GB standard) for Aisa, etc.
φ16 & φ18 & φ20 60Si2MnA

Pandrol PR Clips

PR85 clip: Diameter φ13.
PR309A clip:Diameter φ20.
PR401 clip: Diameter φ20.
PR601A clip: Diameter φ20.
All other types according to customer’s drawing.
φ18 & φ20 60Si2MnA

Pandrol Fast Clip

Material: 60Si2CrA,
Hardness: 44-48HRC,
Fatigue Life: 3 millions cycles without breaking,
Surface: Plain, Oxide black, Color painting,etc.​
φ13 60Si2CrA

Deenik Clip

Types: Square & Round profile
Weight: 0.49-0.68 kg/pc
Surface: Plain, Oxide black, Color painting,etc
φ13 60Si2MnA

Gauge Lock Clip

Material: 60Si2CrA
Diameter: Ø13
Weight: 0.48kg/pc
Surface: Plain (oiled), Oxide black, Color painting,etc
φ13 60Si2CrA

Nabla Clip

Types: Nabla S1, Nabla C1, etc
Material: 60Si2CrA
Hardness: HRC51-55
Surface Treatment: Plain, Oxide black, Color painting, etc
Thickness: 4mm & 4.5mm 60Si2MnA