Railway Wooden Sleepers 4200 x 260 x 160 MM


Our company is specialized in the production of:

  • Normal wooden railway sleepers;
  • Wooden railway sleepers for crossovers and crossings;
  • Bridge wooden railway sleepers;
  • Assembled panels;
  • Edged and unedged timber for the furniture industry.

The wooden railway sleepers are produced according to SR EN 13145+A1:2012, for every gauce type. The production sistem usues exclusively hardwood (Beech and Oak).

The sleepers are impregnated with superior quality Creosote WEI – Type C, through vacuum – pressure method, to extend the duration of use of the sleepers.

We also produce sleepers and special wood elements for various uses, where elasticity, vibration absorption and insulation are required for the inhabitants of the adjacent areas of the railway infrastructure.

Any other special wooden elements for railways can be designed and produced in our company.