RÖHM 3-jaw Lathe Chuck Type ZS, DIN 55027 Ø=630 mm


The RÖHM geared scroll chucks have proven themselves a thousand times over and have already been used successfully on lathes, rotary tables and dividing attachments for decades. The jaws can be adjusted over the entire clamping range in order to be able to very quickly clamp workpieces with
a wide clamping diameter range without offsetting the jaws.


Proven geared scroll chuck for use in areas requiring high clamping forces, high
concentricity as well as reliable long-term repeatability.
For universal use on lathes, rotary tables, dividing units, etc.

Geared scroll chucks in steel design.
3-jaw and 4-jaw version.

-High clamping force
-Special flat design for minimum interfering contours
-The jaws can be adjusted over the entire clamping range by turning the
key. This allows workpieces with different clamping diameters to be quickly
-Jaws in chuck ground out for concentricity

With one-piece jaws or with base and top jaws
Steel body and spiral ring die-forged
Series-balanced and hardened