Thruster Disc Brakes Hilmar DB M37


Thruster Disc Brakes Hilmar DB M37






Design Highlights

Robust design with all bearings and pivot points fitted with maintenance free close tolerance self lubrication bushings.
All coil springs designed for 1 million + cycles.
All thrusters built to DIN15430 standard.
50% fewer parts than all competitors’ brakes.
All parts designed to mill standard with minimum safety factor of 4:1.
Sintered friction linings standard.
All brakes tested and torque set as per customer’s requirement.
Brake weight dramatically reduced important factor for machinery house structural design. 30% lighter than competitors brakes.
Bearing torque independent of DISC rotating direction.
Easily replaceable asbestos free brake linings for high circumferential speed up to 85m/sec. and maximum DISC temperature of up to 850 °C.
Equal DISC lining clearance due to Hillmar synchronized linkage.
No right hand & left hand design.


Standard Features

Equipped with Automatic Wear Compensator.
Equipped with Manual Release Device.
Brake speeds comparable to magnetic brakes can beattained.
All component parts designed for maximum durability.
Stainless steel spindles used throughout.
Self-lubricating bushings used at all pivot points.
Thruster brake release 3-phase AC supply.
Enclosed adjustable brake spring with torque scale.
High performance asbestos-free brake linings.
Sintered metal brake linings for high speeds.
Thruster can be installed horizontally for industrial vertical-motor applications like slewing.
Precise torque selection for maximum service.
Ease of Maintenance; less parts; lighter weight.
Quick change insert type brake linings.
Streamlined design halves maintenance time.
Sure and easy adjustment.
Easy maintenance after initial adjustment.