Carbide inserts SECO VNMG



Our company can help you with the following types

  • VNMG 160404-FF1
  • VNMG 160404-MF2
  • VNMG 160408-MF2
  • VNMG 160412-MF2
  • VNMG 160404-MF3
  • VNMG 160408-MF3
  • VNMG 160404-MF4
  • VNMG 160408-MF4
  • VNMG 160404-M3
  • VNMG 160408-M3
  • VNMG 160408-MR4
  • VNMG 160412-MR4
  • VNMG 220408-MR4-203
  • VNMG 220412-MR4-203
  • VNMU 130404-M3
  • VNMG 130408-M3


Technical details are available on request.


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