We Offer a Large Variety of Industrial Products

In some cases we offer, as an alternative and more economical solution, services in clutches and brakes reparation, restoration, and renewal.

To calculate a real cost of an individual part renovation we need first to see the element, then evaluate degree of its wear, and define estimated reparation time.

Time of restoration can vary depending on the type of part and level of wear.

– ZF

Our workshop is fully equipped with winding machine, test bay, testing gear and pulling gear to remove couplings and pulleys without damage.

On dismantling, all components are thoroughly cleaned using safety solvents, high pressure cleaning, compressed air or bead blast or in many cases, a combination will be used. All internal and external surfaces will be repainted to protect against corrosion. An extensive range of winding facilities are available, we are able to copy wind to produce exact replicas, both single phase and three phase.
All motors are fully tested and run on completion.


With thruster repair kits available from stock, meaning short application down time, our thruster repair service is often seen as a cost effective method to thruster replacement.

The thruster repair service, completed by technicians with many years experience consists of strip-down, cleaning of all parts, check & test of motor windings (re-wind if necessary), replacement of all bearings, seals, gaskets, repainting in original factory colour, oil fill, 2 hour load / temperature test, and certification.

EMG ELDRO : ED 23/5 , ED 30/5 , ED 50/6, ED 80/6 , ED 121/6, ED 201/6, ED 301/6
EMG ELHY : EB 12/60, EB 20/50, EB 50/50, EB 80/60, EB 125/60, EB 150/60, EB 250/60

We can repair any type of Electrohydraulic Thrusters

Our company has been repairing frequency converters and soft starters for several years. We have extensive experience in repairing different manufacturers, types and series – from the oldest to the latest models. our company has a large, well-equipped test bay where, if necessary, tests can be carried out at continuous, maximum loads of up to 315 kW
Testing of frequency inverters and softstarters includes:

Testing of communication interfaces
Testing of built-in operators panels, if any
Testing of digital and analogue control input
Load testing in the test bay
Testing the rated power on our test bay
Simodrive 611 are tested in an endurance test of up to three days at full load of up to 315 kW, including comprehensive reporting.

Flat-rate prices

After we have received your defective electronic device, we will send you a cost estimate. Our company has a database of over 300,000 items and the associated repair prices. Since these are fixed prices, you know in advance exactly what you will pay.
No cure, no pay

All repairs are carried out on a success basis – no cure, no pay. If a repair is unsuccessful, the assembly will be returned or recycled responsibly, depending on your preference.
Up to 2 years warranty

We offer up to 2 years warranty on repairs and replacement units at an additional cost.
Urgent repairs

Is your production at a standstill due to defective electronics? Urgent repairs ensure that your production can be restarted as quickly as possible.

For large or hard-to-find bearings, repair or reclamation is often a cost effective and time savings alternative to buying new products.

Candidates for repair or reclamation would include:

Large quantities of the same size bearings (i.e. steel mill roll out tables)
Obsolete bearing
Large bearings over 12″ bore

The repair process consists of:

Shipping bearing(s) to repair center (customer’s expense)
Inspection – free of charge or if a charge, waived if bearing is repaired
Assessment of damage
Determination of class of repair
Replacement of rolling elements
Refinishing the raceways
Replacing components – cage or races

Estimate of price for repair and lead time
Repair bearing(s)
Return repaired bearing(s) to customer

For large quantities of the same size bearings, we can provide a bearing reclamation process. The bearings are degreased, inspected for wear or spalls, tumbled with polishing media, and reoiled.

Both repaired and reclaimed bearings have the same warranty as new (typically one year) on the material and workmanship.

For certain circumstances, bearing repair can be an economical way to reduce your cost and get more life from your bearings.