Hammer Mill Beaters 150 x 60 x 3


We are a leading manufacturer of hammer & beaters, able to supply hammers to fit all brands of hammer mill machines. We deliver to customers around the world.

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing feed & biomoass machinery, we have the knowledge and experience to advise and provide solutions for our customers, supplying them with the highest quality parts customised to their unique requirements. We make hammers in a range of different sizes and materials to fit all different applications of particle reduction.

We can manufacture the hammers/beaters both according to customer’s technical drawings or for popular model of hammer mill according to provided specifications


Our hammer beaters are manufactured from the highest quality steels. Normally in the following specifications… , we can also produce hammers to our customer’s material specifications.
Using quality steel (with high carbon and chromium content) and high hardness after heat treatment, ensures our hammers are durable and have a long working life.


All our work is carried out in-house, allowing us greater control over the manufacturing quality control. Our hammers are monitored throughout every step in the manufacturing process, with all our hammer beaters individually throughly inspected before delivery.