Electrohydraulic Thrusters Ema-Elfa ZE 1500/60




Its operation consists in advance of the piston rod with appropriate force and to specific stroke.
Releases are used mainly in brakes to disengage (open) expansion and disc brakes. Thanks to the built-in springs, not only they disengage brakes, but also induce the braking moment. Releases may be used wherever reciprocating work is needed, e.g. to engage/disengage dampers and valves, to open and close flaps, doors, to raise and lower barriers, to move levers and links, etc.
Releases are driven by inductive three-phase cage motors, installed inside the release housing, which can be rated up to 500 V AC and 50 Hz.
The release can be used both for continuous operation S1 as well as for periodically interrupted operation S3 with relative loading time up to 100% and number of actuations up to 2000 c / h.

Version :

Normal (standard) N/1 – for utilization in open air in temperate climate.
Protection rating IP 65.
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +40 °C (electro-insulating transformer oil)
-40 °C to +50 °C (silicone oil – DOW CORNING Fluid 200 10 cSt).